What is unique about Simply Hair?

Simply Hair isn’t about pretence. Our staff has worked
side-by-side for many years. That says a lot about the
experience, enthusiasm and chemistry we bring to work
each day. You’ll be catered to by a team of professionals,
whether it’s a haircut or a smashing one-night look. Our
philosophy has evolved over the salon’s solid 20-years
history. We are here to help you create a picture of who
you are. It’s a serious venture and we will have fun doing
it together. It’s your time to relax, enjoy and give careful
consideration to how you want to present yourself to the
world and we promise to make it simple. Our clients have
come to expect complete professionalism, absolute
dedication and artistry. We go the extra mile refining and
developing new techniques using only the best hair care
products. We exude great energy and our clients enjoy
coming to the salon as much as we enjoy being here!