About our stylists


Miriana   -  416.897.8078

Miriana is the founder of Simply Hair. Her passion for art, sculpture and photography adds a special touch to all her work. Creating your hairstyle to match who you are and how you project your personality is not a challenge... it's simply pleasure.
Her photography portfolio includes landscapes and portraiture.

Miriana Photography



Maria       -    416.409.1530

Maria has been with Simply Hair since the beginning.  As a partner she is a big part of our ever growing and changing salon. She is a true artist and her creativity shows in everything she does. Her originality shines  in every style and color she creates.


James   -   416.476.9720

James is a true artist who joined our team at Simply Hair in 2014 after working in the Village for more than 10 years. His wonderful personality is a great addition to our salon. His creativity and attention to detail is unmatched.